Thursday, February 21, 2008

Compere hir Sister and Mother

I have Sister. She is name Marem. She is 12 yers old. My sister is look like my brother. She stadys in elmntre school. She likes all music. Hir hobbies are swimng, and Internet.

I have mother. She is name Mona. She is 42 yers old. My mother is look like my. She doesn`t work. She doesn`t like music. Hir hobbies are watch TV.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The concert

What? Where? What time? With who? I like ....

Hey Bob, do you want to see a concert Saturday? BOB MARLEY`S at Rock`s.

Well, thanks, but that`s not for me. I`m not really a reggae fan.

What about ROTTING CHRIST? HE`S Playing Sunday at the Gospel Brunch.

Now that`s more my style!

Great! There`s a show at 11:30pm.

11:30pm ? There`s past my bedtime!

No problem. There`s an early show at eight

perfect. see you then.